Coralife Pure-Flo II RO Unit


The Coralife Pure-Flo II RO System is a 4-stage RO/DI unit with mixed-bed resin deionization cartridge. It produces clean, pure water from chlorinated or non-chlorinated source water. Its premium Thin Film Composite (TFC) units remove up to 99% of hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and many other impurities. The Coralife Pure-Flo II unit is easy-to-use and all units are wall mountable.

This unit is ideal for Freshwater or Saltwater Aquariums. With purified water, you can then decide on the types of sea salts or ingredients to add to your aquarium’s water. Therefore, this enables you to recreate any aquatic environment from scratch. The use of “pure” water which contains no contaminants will eliminate any doubts about what may be in your water.

Best Features:

  • Good filtration
  • Easy to set-up
  • Multiple attachments

Good Filtration

The unit uses a premium three-stage reverse osmosis (RO) units employ Sediment Pre-Filter Cartridge (Stage 1) for ultra-fine pre-filtration, Carbon Block Cartridge (Stage 2) for chlorine removal before reaching the Thin Film Composite RO membrane (Stage 3) to effectively remove up to 98-99% of hardness, heavy metals and toxins.

  • Sediment Pre-Filter Cartridge: You need to replace these pre-filters every 6 months or after 2,500 gallons of total water produced. If particles are forced through a fouled pre-filter, the membrane can be damaged.
  • Carbon Block Cartridge: If the carbon pre-filter is not replaced periodically, chlorine and organics will be present in the pure reverse osmosis water.
  • Thin Film Composite RO membrane: The membrane can be replaced every 2 to 3 years or after 12,000 to 18,000 gallons of water is produced. Flush the membrane every month or after 1000 gallons of total water is produced.
  • The flush valve is built-in; thus, you just need to turn on the flush valve handle to the “ON” position. Leave the valve switched on for 15 minutes and later switch off the flush valve.
  • You have the additional option to add a deionization cartridge to your model. It is also easy to install. The mixed-bed resin deionization cartridge removes any additional impurities to produce 99.9% pure water.

Easy to set-up

Coralife Parts

This unit comes with an installation manual which is detailed and easy-to-follow. It gives specific instructions as well as illustrations to help in the assembling stage. As many of the fittings are pre-assembled, your unit should be working in no time at all!

Membrane Installation

  1. Unscrew elbow fitting from the mebrane housing cap and remove the water line.
  2. Remove cap from membrane housing and insert the Thin Film Composite (TFC) membrane inside the membrane housing.
  3. Make sure that the membrane stem with O-ring is securely fastened into the membrane housing.
  4. Place the membrane housing cap back on.
  5. Insert the water line into the elbow fitting and tighten connection. Make sure all the fitting connections are tightly fastened.

Filter Cartridge Installation

  1. Insert filter cartridge into cartridge canister. Make sure that the filter cartridge opening is securely placed inside cartridge canister.
  2. Screw cartridge canister and the cartridge into the reverse osmosis unit.
  3. Use the canister wrench to tighten cartridge canister connection with the reverse osmosis unit.
  4. Make sure that all the cartridge connections are tightly fastened.

Reverse Osmosis System Installation

  1. Place the reverse osmosis system in a dry location with an accessible water source. Keep the pump dry and away from direct contact with water.
  2. Attach the inlet (yellow tube) to source water supply. For an indoor faucet attachment, attach faucet adaptor to faucet. Connect the yellow tube to the faucet.
  3. Route the waste water outlet, red tube, to drain. You can also route the pure reverse osmosis water outlet (blue tube) to the storage container.
  4. Once all the fittings are tightly fastened, you can turn on the water supply and check all the connections for leakage. Make sure that water is discharging from the red and blue tube.

Tips on Maintenance

  • If you plan to store your reverse osmosis membrane, it should never be stored dry. The membrane can be stored by being saturated in the RO system for 30 days.
  • If the membrane is not used beyond 30 days, it can be refrigerated. Place the membrane in a re-sealable bag and put a couple of teaspoons of purified water into the bag. Store the membrane in the refrigerator and not the freezer. The membrane must not be frozen.
  • You should regularly flush your membrane as this will reduce the mineral build-up on the membrane.
  • Whenever you change the filter or membrane, ensure that the membrane is properly seated. If it is not properly seated, there will be high water production and membrane failure. Consequently, membrane failure will lead to the production of poor water quality.
  • If a couple of your connections are leaking, you can consider unscrewing these connections and wrapping some Teflon tape around the threads and reinstall. Some users recommended this approach and achieved a 100% leak-free system.

Additional Features

This reverse osmosis unit is also wall mountable. Additionally, it comes with clear filter canisters, cartridges and faucet attachments. Unlike the usual budget reverse osmosis systems, this unit will not require a separate flush kit. Thus, you can save up on costs!

This unit also comes with a flow restrictor. This valve allows pressure to build up in the system. For reverse osmosis to take place, pressure is essential. Most reverse osmosis units require a minimum pressure of around 2.8 bar (40psi). At the same time, the ideal pressure will help prevent the system from leaking or blowing apart from too high pressures.


Some users had trouble installing the RO cartridge. Inexperienced users found it difficult to tell if they were installing the cartridge correctly. Users generally could not tell if it was assembled correctly until the unit was completely assembled and then tested. A couple of connections on the unit may have some leakage at first. In that case, you may need to unscrew the connections and reinstall all over again.

However, this should not deter you from purchasing this unit. After a couple of tries, even beginners will get the hang of installing and using this reverse osmosis unit. This unit is still a great bargain with many redeemable features. If you feel this unit is a great fit for you, you can check out the prices here.

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